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Conservation of environmental equilibrium, while striving to achieve sustainable development, is the sole guarantee for preservation of life on earth. Wanton exploitation of natural resources and unbridled growth of industrialisation combined with uncontrolled population increase have played havoc with the delicate ecological balance of our mother earth.

The People’s Radio will focus on the environmental hazards of industrialisation, treatment of industrial effluents, eco-friendly farming methods, conservation of soil, water, forests and other natural resources, intervention by NGOs in ecological catastrophes, reforestation of plundered natural forest areas, replacement of mineral fuels with bio-fuels, use of bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides, watershed management, rain water harvesting, etc.  It will link and energise all voluntary likeminded organizations and institutions engaged in the protection of the environment and encourage all eco-friendly activities.

Formation of an environmentally aware community, fully equipped to meet the challenges of the current onslaughts on the ecosystem and working for sustainable development at the same time, is the main objective of the People’s Radio.

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