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The family being the nucleic unit of the community, any initiative for general awareness among the community will have to start from the family unit and women are the core component of the family, with a greater share in the physical development and character formation of the next generation. They are often the bread winners of the low-income group sector, with the male partners spending their earnings on personal comforts and costly bad habits. Economic emancipation of women is the prerogative for the empowerment and development of the family and, through it, the community.

Publicising programmes like activities of Self-Help-Groups, skill-imparting and capacity building training programmes for gainful employment, micro-credit projects for entrepreneurial initiatives, vocational training for self reliance, marketing assistance for profitability, etc., are given due importance. Campaigning among the women listeners for a general awareness on women empowerment, women’s rights, health and hygiene, caring for children, participatory role in local good governance and other relevant subjects also receive priority treatment.  Pasumai - a People’s Radio - will switch on the green signal for all round sustainable development, advancement and empowerment of the women folk.

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