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Centuries of colonisation and decades of political and economic inertia have drained all dynamism from the youth of our country. We have to revitalise our youth and pump in some adrenaline to equip them for the challenges of the modern world.

Training for economic self reliance through gainful employment and awareness campaigns for social uplift are the need of the hour. Formation of youth groups, organisation of cultural programmes for them and widespread awareness campaigns highlighting social issues like child labour, women empowerment and the importance of collective action by the young generation in these areas are to be given priority.

The People’s Radio is an effective instrument in unleashing the dynamic energy of our youth towards the rebuilding of our nation as the emerging world leader in economic growth, scientific achievement and social equitability. It fires the youth with the message of collective action for corrective social intervention and prepares them for the social, economic and environmental eventualities and upheavals that can be expected in the wake of the new wave of globalisation and consumerism.

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